~~NOCACHE~~ [[introduction|Introduction]]\\ [[sysarch:definition|Definition]]\\ [[sysarch:composition|Composition]]\\ [[sysarch:enterprise_architecture|Enterprise Architecture]]\\ [[sysarch:solution_architecture|Solution Architecture]]\\ [[sysarch:system_design|System Design]]\\ [[sysarch:design_principles|Application Principles]]\\ [[sysarch:integration_reference|Integration Principles]]\\ [[sysarch:platform_design_principles|Platform Principles]]\\ [[sysarch:delivery_principles|Delivery Principles]]\\ [[sysarch:togaf_alignment|TOGAF Alignment]]

{{::midrig.png?nolink&800|}} ====== IT System Architecture & Design ====== Welcome to Midrig's IT System Architecture & Design site, which provides a general introduction to the practice of IT System Architecture & Design. The content is aimed at those relatively new to a more formal approach to system architecture and design specification. It sets out a concise [[sysarch:definition|definition]] of its scope and [[sysarch:composition|composition]]. A straightforward approach to the practice of [[sysarch:enterprise_architecture|Enterprise Architecture]] is provided, which is [[sysarch:togaf_alignment|generally aligned]] with the more industrial commercial frameworks such as TOGAF. However, an initial focus on [[sysarch:solution_architecture|Solution Architecture]] definition as part of ongoing change delivery is suggested in order to deliver immediate value and to develop the enterprise architecture incrementally over time in support of this. A view on the scope and approach to elaboration of more detailed functional and technical [[sysarch:system_design|System Design]] is also set out. Finally, some general [[sysarch:design_principles|Application]], [[sysarch:integration_reference|Integration]] and [[sysarch:platform_design_principles|Platform]] design, as well as related [[sysarch:delivery_principles|Delivery]] principles are provided.